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What are we expecting from new Macbooks?


September 21, 2008 11:51 PM PST

A substantial refresh is said to be coming for the MacBook and MacBook pros. This includes a new case design which is rumored to bring an aluminum case to the lower end MacBook. Also potentially the chipsets will be updated to Intel's latest. Also the new machines are said to be aggressively priced. More tenuous rumors suggest tablet capability. Either way, Apple's laptop market share has already jumped to 10.6 percent. The fact that John, Paul and I all use laptops as our primary machines now is indicative of the laptop numbers carrying over to total market share numbers.

So what do people expect of the new MacBooks? I know Paul is in the market. John wants one but can't quite pull the trigger. I'm tempted by an upgrade. This could be the first "Nullstream Laptop" - something each of us is willing to buy (very rare).

I'd be happy for aluminum case and hardware bump. I'd really like to see what I expected the MacBook Air would be - an aluminum MacBook with no optical drive. That alone would be very interesting to me. On another note, my next laptop will have 8GB of ram. Just saying...

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Predictable Mini Rumors


November 29, 2005 01:26 AM PST

Well it is that time of year again for more Apple rumors in advance of Macworld Expo. This one is pretty much the exact consolidated Mac mini wish list that was on like a zillion blogs the day the original mini was announced. See Think Secret.

Lets review shall we (before Cringley gets wind of this and somehow bends it into the worlds greatest conspiracy to take over, blah blah blah):

Intel processor (six months sooner than expected)
Front Row 2.0 (more goodies and assuming built in IR for remote)
tuner and DVR functionality
Built in iPod dock
Possibly larger

So is Think Secret right again? (For that matter, are they just Apples stealth marketing arm keeping up the buzz?) Or is it another I wish list? A larger, faster drive and a tuner card would be required adding cost and size. One thing though, if they did manage to pull of a Media Center PC style box for under 800 I think it would really give MS a run for the money. Ahh, how cool would it be if you could actually run MS MCE on it? Hmm. Back to reality. I predict that the next mini will certainly have Front Row 1.x and the IR port on it. But I doubt Apple is ready for full MCE functionality with tuner.

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Intel iBook Rumor


November 16, 2005 10:28 PM PST

powerbook.jpgThere have been two rumors lately that Apple will announce the Intel Mac this January at MacWorld. Forbes thinks it will be a Mac Mini. ThinkSecret thinks it will be an iBook.

Interesting that they both feel it will be a consumer based mac. This is probably a good bet. Also, January seems feasible. Apple often announces things that are not available for a couple months, and we know that OS X on Intel is at least far enough along to demo. ThinkSecret quotes someone as saying Apple will reduce the iBook prices to around $699 to "be competitive at the entry level." Ridiculous. iPod competes with much cheaper players and still does fine. I'd expect the new laptop to be around $999. In fact, I've commented before that Apple's current laptop prices are much more on par with the market than their desktop prices, which makes mac/windows laptops a great market for them to enter into.

ThinkSecret also mentions the possibility of dual-core mobile Yonah processors. Initially I thought that dual core would be nice, but suck too much power. But why couldn't you turn one core off? How cool would that be to run one core when mobile, and kick the other core on when plugged in. Regardless of what Apple does, I'm looking forward to seeing if this is the direction of laptops in general.

Running an OS per core is also be pretty interesting. You could feasibly run windows/mac in a window a'la VirtualPC, at almost full speed. Would be great for mobile development. I wonder how the virtualization goes about arbitrating the shared peripherals like ethernet.

All I can say is these apple laptops better OFFICIALLY run Windows as well, or they won't grow the market much. Microsoft is beatable now purely on tech (as we've seen with Google) If Windows people can buy a cool computer to match their iPod - they'll definitely boot into Mac to see what it's like. And since Apple bundles a lot more software than MS is allowed to now - they just might end up staying in OS X.

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Google Office?


October 3, 2005 11:01 PM PST

Google to work with Sun to deliver Google Office??
This kind of thing has been on my mind for a long time now. Currently this is speculation, but I guess we'll have more info tomorrow.

In the mean time, with all the current hype around Ajax and web based apps it is a good thought exercise to list the kinds of applications you use every day that could be done via the web. Occasional word processing is probably going to be on the list for most people. Of course there are some down sides, but for occasional doc editing this might be the way to go - especially with secure web based storage. For me the main driver wouldn't be cost or avoiding the app install headaches - its about synchronization. I just use to many computers to try and keep them all in sync.

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iPaul, iPod, iPredict


July 3, 2005 11:15 PM PST

Some interesting things happened recently with Apple, and I thought that I'd have a Cringely-like attempt at predicting the future. (Note: I do not have any inside knowledge about any of this stuff, I'm just wondering out loud and randomly connecting dots that may or may not exist based on publicly available information. YMMV).

Apple has updated their line of iPods to have colour screens (no more monochrome Chicago font) and added podcasting support to iTunes, but where is this going?

Continue reading "iPaul, iPod, iPredict"...

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Aardvark Revealed?


June 20, 2005 10:17 PM PST

Paul phones in this link that potentially reveals Joel's intern powered project Aardvark:

Aardvark Revealed


XP has this built in with remote assistance, but probably has nat traversal issues. I've used logmein, with mixed results through various firewalls, but they can always fall back to an http, screen capture mode, so you are pretty sure you will be able to get something to work - although slow. I think the pay per use model will probably sell. Although, he he, if your problem is 'can't connect to the network' then, um, game over.

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Tiger Speculation


April 26, 2005 10:57 AM PST

Is a tiger release for PC on the way? At least one guy thinks so. This is not really a rumor, but more wishful speculation on his part.

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Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger in April


March 14, 2005 12:28 AM PST

We should all be happy nerds in April if Apple releases Tiger in April. I was secretly hoping that Microsoft's XP x64 release in April would move Apple forward, and if this rumor is true, my last barrier to ordering the "mini" will be gone in April. Still unclear about the price structure of XP x64, but bundling Tiger with the Mini is a savings of $129 over buying a Mini today and upgrading.

I wrote "April" five six times in this post.

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Another Apple Rumor


March 8, 2005 05:08 PM PST

This time the Rumor is about the development of a mini-laptop running a stripped down version of OSX. It is supposed to fit in your pocket. Hmm OQO style? At any rate probably can't believe this one, not until there is a lawsuit at least.

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Windows XP x64 in April


March 1, 2005 11:19 PM PST

Microsoft announced the x64 edition of XP will go golden master in April. I've got a few machines just waiting to install this on. I actually tested an early release through the beta program. The main issue was that I couldn't find a videocard with optimized drivers, even though both nVidia and ATI claim to have drivers optimized for the platform. So without a 64 bit Visual Studio, and with slow video performance - it wasn't really that fun to test or post a review here.

I'm interested to see how they roll the product out. Ideally it will be available as a low(er) cost OS upgrade for existing XP users. I also would expect to see an optimized compiler from Microsoft, and a new set of optimized applications. Divx encoding and game performance in particular should be very interesting.

Our SFF AMD64 review covers more of the performance benefits for the 64 bit platform.

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Comcast Speed Boost?


January 17, 2005 01:17 AM PST

Ars-Technica is reporting that there may be another speed boost coming from Comcast in the first quarter. If they are correct, users will be boosted from 3mb / 256kb to 4mb / 384kb. Like last time this will be with no price increase - and all it took was a power cycle on the cable modem. According to the article premium service users ($10 more than normal price) will be boosted to 6Mb / 768kb!!! Hey I didn't know they had reduced the price of the premium service to just $10 more. Last time I checked it was almost $100.00 a month. I hope this is true, there is no such thing as too much bandwidth.

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