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December 18, 2008 09:58 AM PST

2008 Snow.jpg
Where do I live again? Maybe someone moved my house to northern Alaska while I slept. Current tally; 7" of new snow (previous snow had not yet melted). And it's still coming down hard.

This is the benign looking entrance to Novelty Hill, on the road between my house and work. It's long, full of sharp turns and very very steep. There is a good reason they close it in weather like this. Yet some people don't get the hint.

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USB to NAS Adapter

Cool Tech

December 11, 2008 11:14 AM PST


Addonics is selling a tiny qizmo that will turn any USB hard drive or storage device into a NAS (network attached storage). It supports SMB and Samba. It has some additional cool features:

1. Supports FTP up to 8 users.
2. Can be used as a print server for an attached printer.
3. Has a built-in Bit Torrent client for direct download.
4. Can be used as a UPnP AV server for an Xbox 360.

It looks pretty slick and is available for only 55 AmeriBucks.

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