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August 15, 2008 01:05 PM PST



Piclens (now Cooliris) is not exactly new, but I decided to give it another try recently. I like it. Piclens is a browser plug in for all popular Mac and Windows browsers that displays a full screen (3d accelerated) photo wall. It work will all popular photo sharing sites. You can easily scroll through hundreds or thousands of pictures, zoom in on the ones you like, share them, and even run a slide show. That's not all however, it also lets you window shop product searches at Amazon as well as visually search videos at YouTube. Finally they have added a 'discover' section that lets you browse current news by topic. The news mixes popular news images and video. A single click on a video and it starts playing. Zooming in on a news photo will give you a summary of the article, from there you can also open the article in a new tab.

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Let the App Store Censorship Begin


August 2, 2008 01:20 PM PST

not in us.JPG

There is an on going drama unfolding regarding Nullriver's new iPhone App 'NetShare'. Netshare is an iPhone app that implements a SOCKS proxy and allows for limited tethering (without Jailbreaking your phone). Apparently you can buy an additional app for your Mac or Pc that will tunnel all your traffic through the proxy. When the app first appeared it generated quite a bit of buzz. Then it was yanked without warning or explanation. A short time later it was still available via direct link, then back on the store and people where purchasing it like mad. It has now been yanked again. Clicking on the direct link now yields the message shown above. Nullriver does not feel that they violated any of the developer agreements and points out that a carrier's restriction on tethering is not allowed in many countries where the iPhone is sold. The above error message seems to indicate that if Apple does allow the app to be sold, the US will be blacked out.

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