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Green Leaf


July 26, 2007 09:56 PM PST

A couple weeks ago John, I and families went to Green Leaf Vietnamese Restaurant in Seattle. Rather than the typical Pho menu, or even the common Vietnamese sandwiches, we were treated to a wide variety of food - the likes of which we had never seen! :-) The young coconut juice is really good, but the pickled plum juice was kind of hard to get down (its like salty, fermented plums). We took pictures of some of the dishes - definitely worth a trip over to the International district to try Green Leaf. An the wait staff is very friendly as well.

Vietnamese crepes. Meat and vegetable fillings - you break off a piece of the crepe and wrap it in lettuce and eat it with your hands. The crepe contains coconut milk and is quite tasty.

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Paul wants a flying car


July 26, 2007 11:59 AM PST

Flying car.jpg

Ok Jetsons fans, the future is now, or at least coming soon. This is supposed to be the worlds first production flying car. And it could be yours for a mere 180 shares of Google stock. For safety they are going to limit them to 50 MPG and only 10 ft off the ground. Also they look unstable as heck (from the video), but who cares? It flies man.

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July 12, 2007 01:09 AM PST


Mine is set to "Compile". You have been warned.

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Surf the web from your 360*


July 10, 2007 09:17 PM PST

* While using it as a media extender

There is always a catch right? Well if you are using your 360 with MCE, which totally rocks BTW, then surfing the web is actually pretty simple. All you need to do is install the free MCEBrowser on your MCE (or Vista) computer. Once installed, fire up your 360 and in the media center menu go to more programs. There you will find the browser.

MCEBrowser was written to allow MCE machines to surf the web using the remote. But the program also works with any media center extender - including the 360. You can use either a media center remote or a normal controller to navigate. The browser basically extends IE so anything your browser on your MCE box can support should work fine. Note that streaming video performance may not be the best however. The browser supports zoom if you need to make things easier to see. The major downsides are the lack of easy text input (if you don't have a USB keyboard plugged in), and the fact that without a mouse you have to 'tab' through all the links to find the one you want to open. The text input without a USB keyboard can be done with 3 tap on the remote, or the 360 on screen keyboard. Tabbing through links is probably something most smart phone users are used to anyway.

Here is a quick video of what it looks like. It was shot using my digicam instead of my camcorder, and was pointed at the projected image on my wall so the quality is not very good - but that will probably be masked by YouTube's low resolution feed anyhow.

Oh if you are a YouTube regular you might notice something 'wrong' with this video - it's called using a tripod. To get the effect you are used to, just move your head around randomly while you watch.

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July 2, 2007 11:19 PM PST

So, I got an iPhone.

I didn't mean to, but on Friday night as I came home from work, I realized that the Apple store would be open until midnight and their web app showed that they had some iPhones still in stock. I walked over, since it's only a couple of blocks from the shuttle stop and my apartment, thinking that if they had any left, I'd get one.

The store was packed with people trying out pretty much every Apple hardware type, but there was a huge crowd around the demo iPhones. As I walked in the store, I asked one of the greeters if they had any left. He didn't ask "Any what?", man, he just knew. Freaking Apple, how do they do it? This was 11 PM on a Friday night, and a computer store was packed!

Anyway, there were loads left so I bought the 8 GB version and went home. Total time in the store: less than 10 minutes, most of which was spent in line waiting to pay. Given my neighborhood, I was hoping that I wouldn't get rolled and end up as the first iPhone theft victim.

I should be so lucky, given what happened next.

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My 20 second iPhone review


July 2, 2007 01:08 PM PST

I just got back from the Apple store where I got to play with an iPhone for about 10 minutes. My thoughts: It is a pretty impressive consumer phone. The keyboard worked better than I thought it would, not perfect, but pretty usable. The UI was slick. The browser worked better than anything I've used on a PDA or smartphone. It rendered the handful of sites I hit very well. One was unreadable in portrait mode, but rotating to landscape zoomed it up just enough to read. The media player was slick, videos looked good. There are some inconsistencies though like the fact that you can only use the keyboard in landscape with Safari. Also only a few apps even work in landscape, e.g. the doc browser does not. Overall not a bad device. Certainly better than any cell phone I've ever owned. ;)

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