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My First Apple Product


January 28, 2006 10:42 PM PST

For Christmas I got my wife an Ipod Nano 4g. Anyone who knows me understands the significance of this. I am not exactly an Apple fan, and this purchase was difficult for me. But I got through it and managed to get one in time for Christmas. My first impressions where pretty positive, despite the fact that it got pretty scratched up in the 5 minutes it took me to get it from the packaging and into a protective sheath. (Seriously what is up with that)? My wife took right to it and loves it. I should say she ‘loved’ it. It died today, 1 month and 3 days since first use. She was using it on and off all day. She turned it off for 15 minutes and then it wouldn’t come back on. It doesn't respond to reset or charging, It’s dead Jim.

Ask me some time what I think of Apple.

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Full Auto


January 20, 2006 11:10 AM PST

Sega Labs width=
Captain Sniffy proxies this link to Sega Labs for some funny advertising about Full Auto. This is the 360 game I'm currently looking forward to most. It looks like a good mix of Midtown Madness and Halo. Who can argue with car game who's main objective it to blow stuff up? The game releases on 2/14.

Official Site Team Xbox Coverage

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Intel Macs

Cool Tech

January 10, 2006 02:17 PM PST

Some people think the Pentium II is the fastest processor in the world. Not quite. The chip inside every Power Macintosh® G3 is up to twice as fast*. Think different.

Remember the days when the Apple fanboys made fun of the pokey Intel procs? I actually had the above as my background screen on my spanking new Beige G3 (the last Mac I ever bought)! Apple today announced the first set of Intel based macs. You can read about the news elsewhere, but this post is for commentary and comments!

The performance of the dual core intel procs looks fantastic, and from the reviews I've read on Windows dual core laptops, the battery life is also better. So dual core is a win-win (this is why we like computers). What better exmple of this than the new iMacs being offered at the same price but with a 2-4x performance increase, faster graphics card, built in camera and the latest and greatest Apple software.

The laptop was what I was really interested in seeing, and so far am pretty exited about it. Other companies can't be bothered to include a DVI port on their laptops (despite the fact that they must already have the chipset to power the built-in LCD). Apple lays the spank down with dual-link DVI on the new MacBook Pro. This machine looks all around nice, and not unexpected pricing starting at $1999. For the amount of hardware, software, new screen and form factor this seems like a really solid laptop purchase.

The big question for me is whether Windows will run on these laptops. I'm not talking about reformatting it immediately and running only Windows. A good portion of the value of the machine is obviously the OS and applications. However, I can't commit to spending that much if I am locked 100% into Mac. It's too big an investment. I have to have a fallback position to ease the transition over.

No word on a new iPod Shuffle. These had been discounted and cleared out of the channels, so I suppose we'll see an update sometime soon. The low end iBook like was also being heavily discounted, so who knows what the story is with that. They can't really mess with the new MacBook, so maybe it will just wither away or use a single core or something.

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Is This Thing On?


January 3, 2006 10:45 PM PST

Due to a lack of anyone posting anything for almost a month (where is the Xbox 360 review, Sniffy?), here are some of my gratuitous "Top n of 2005" lists, where n is not a large number 'cause that would take too much time.

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