nullstream weblog - September 2004

What To Build?


September 9, 2004 12:50 PM PST

So Doom3 is already out and HL2 is on the way and I still haven't upgraded or built a new machine. I keep thinking maybe I'll be able to resist the pull and just game on my Xbox until early next year. It's not likely though.

So what would I build if I was ready to go? As usual I wouldn't want to build a bleeding edge machine, but something a notch or two down. Turns out to be a harder decision than I thought. Here are some of the dilemmas:

1. Micro ATX or ATX? I still want to build an SFF gaming box, although I really can't justify it. Micro ATX boards have come a long way, but still lag behind in features.
2. Via K8T800 chipset or nForce 3?
3. Socket 745 or 939? (Mostly about dual channel DDR).
4. PCI Express or AGP. Hmm, I don't see any PCI Express boards for AMD chips yet.
5. Which Graphics card? Current thoughts are 6800 vanilla or wait for the PCI Express 6600.

This is a tough time to buy. If you want to future proof you should probably go with the latest socket and graphics slots. That's a problem since PCI Express is not available on AMD platforms yet. And neither is available in a micro ATX. Maybe it would be wise to wait a few more months.

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