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Windows 7 x 7


February 3, 2009 09:56 PM PST

windows7.gif Windows 7 is going to have a number of flavors, sorta like Vista except maybe less so. Why can't they have one version and let IT admins just make their own install image for Enterprise? The explanation has a lot of corporate speak that doesn't really say anything:

"Windows 7 Enterprise edition offers advanced data protection, lower cost compliance and IT tools to streamline PC management and help save costs, while enabling access to information from anywhere for business users."

So, uh, why wouldn't all users want those things? Apple takes great pleasure in pointing out that they don't do this, that you get all the features they have in one version, but of course you have to buy Mac hardware to run it (ahem).

Anyone planning on installing W7? If I end up buying a PC, I'll likely go with W7 Ultimate (why miss out on Visual Notepad Extreme or whatever?). I just need to convince myself I actually need a PC.
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john, February 3, 2009 11:14 PM:

They never learn. You won't actually be able to by ultimate at the store. You'll buy one of the other versions and upgrade online with your credit card.

Windows Professional looks like it will do for me as it has Remote Desktop host which is all I care about.

Also they are not planning any Ultimate extras, which is good because they never delivered them for Vista like they promised.

@, February 4, 2009 04:33 PM:

Isn't this standard marketing stuff?
Ideally, every customer pays the most
they are willing to pay, and everyone
who is willing to pay above cost is a customer.

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