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November 15, 2008 12:04 AM PST

I have friends and family who are not "web enabled". Heck, some are not even phone enabled. While I could just ignore everyone not monitoring my RSS feeds, I've been sending postcards of images through Premium Postcards. This service is affiliated with the US Post Office, and lets you print one-off postcards to be mailed directly to any US address. Although the site is decidedly web 1.0, it does allow you to create/import address books and even do mail-merge if you want to personalize the same postcard to multiple recipients. A single photo is printed on the front, and two photos and text, in addition to the sender and receiver address can be printed on the back.

For some reason, you must create an account to see the prices, which I thought must be astronomical. They aren't. A single 4x6 postcard is $1.12, postage included. They should shout this from the trees, rather than hiding it. Buying multiple credits provides discounts, eg. for 50 cards, it's $0.97 per. And I stress that these don't need to have the same picture or the same address! Nice pricing model. A full bleed 5.5x8.5in starts at $1.53. And you get one of each type of card free for signing up.

The ability to simply upload a photo from anywhere online and have it printed and sent to anyone in the US is awesome not only for techno-luddites, but also when you are traveling. Rather than buying a postcard, finding a pen, local stamps and local post office, you can just snap your own picture, upload it and send it to someone in your address book. Much easier and cheaper!

I highly recommend Premium Postcards.

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