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Zune Innovation


September 8, 2008 08:15 PM PST


Microsoft has announced new Zunes features on the Eve of Apple's Ipod related media event. New models include a 120 Gbtye and a 16Gbyte model.

The more interesting part of the announcement however is the new software features. Starting on Sept 16th the Zune will support a feature called 'Buy from FM'. This feature, which will work with over 450 radio stations at launch, allows a listener to 'tag' a song they are listening on the radio for purchase. If the user is connected to a Wifi hotspot (public or private) the song will be purchased and downloaded instantly. Otherwise it will be queued for when they connect or dock next. Although I don't listen to the radio much anymore but there are a significant number of people that still do. Many Zune owners have listed the FM radio feature as a significant reason they chose a Zune over an iPod. (I'm sure the fact that their Dad works for Microsoft could be listed as another reason.) I can see how this feature will be popular. It is pretty cool and dare I say innovative?

Additionally MS has announced an unlimited music subscription program for 14.99 a month. It should be noted that many are predicting Apple to announce a similar program tomorrow.

Additional feature are the ability to update the 'Zune card' sharing in real time, as well as support and some new games. It should also be noted that MS is giving this update away to existing Zune owners for free and not charging them the (required?!) 10.00 amount that Apple charged iPod touch user's for new features.

Comments (2)
Paul, September 8, 2008 09:43 PM:

You have to be crazy to trust a Microsoft music subscription plan after they hosed all their "Plays For Sure" subscribers by shutting down the service.

John, September 9, 2008 12:41 PM:

Well I suspect that the music disables after you cancel your subscription anyway. It looks like Apple didn't announce their subscription plan today BTW.

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