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A new category of UMPC

Mobile Tech

July 11, 2008 08:51 AM PST


Kohjinsha SC3
Wow the atom processor is enabling a whole new class of UMPC. This is another one that won't reach the US, like the Gigabyte M912, but of course you can import it. Maybe it will show up on Ebay buy now so you can leverage MS's live search 25% discount. It is supposed to be available starting today. I've seen two un-boxing videos so far. (I hate un-boxing videos).

I am much more interested in a device like this over the eepc - even though they are not in the same cost category. This is mostly due to the touch screen which allows you to take handwritten notes in meetings. Some really cool features:
1. 1.3 Atom CPU
2. Up to 2G ram
3. 60G HD
4. GPS in high end model
5. Express card slot!
6. 7" convertable, daylight viewable, touch screen.
7. 1.8 lbs.
8. 1 - 1.3" thick.

I still doubt I could type on a device like that, but I'd certainly go for the keyboard if I could for a Samsung Q1 sized device.

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