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John buys another bluetooth device

Mobile Tech

September 7, 2007 02:05 AM PST

Seems I can't get enough bluetooth these days. So I set out to find a suitable replacement for those Logitech bluetooth headphones I picked up on Woot awhile back. I still like and use them mind you, but I wanted a solution that was more portable so I could use it when hotspot hopping. I was looking for something that would fold up so I could carry it in my nerd bag with all my other mobile gear. It also wouldn't hurt to find something a bit more comfortable and that wouldn't make me look like a Lowtard. Also while I was at it, I decided that I also needed my new headphones to function as a headset (with Mic) so that I could easily switch from listening to music to answering the phone, or making a skype call.

In my long quest I found that there are a lot of choices these days. They come in all kinds of form factors. There are the traditional style large bulky, over your ear style. There are several more entries into the 'over your ear' / behind your neck style like my Logitechs. There are also a few 'in your ear' / behind your neck phones like the Motorokr s9. There are even several models now that do away with the headband all together. These clip on to your ears and are connected behind your head with just a wire. Most of these solution are not portable (or comfortable), and those that at least fold are still rather large and would not survive being tossed in my bag with all my other iCrap.

So I decided to switch gears. Instead of a full set of headphones with batteries, bluetooth transmitter etc. I started looking at bluetooth pendants and clip-ons that work with standard headphones. The thought was that although I would not completely lose the wires, I would have the best of all worlds. 1. I would be detached from my phone, laptop, etc and could roam about withing a reasonable distance. 2. They come with built in mics so I would get the headset functionality I wanted. 3. I would only be adding a very small, lightweight device to my mobile kit. It would be very portable and rugged. 4. I could use any headphones I wanted. This includes the noise blocking, in your ear, short cord Sony's that I already carry in my bag.

In the end I settled on the Sonorix C3 clip on bluetooth stereo headset you see above. It has a built in mic, supports the high quality audio profile (A2DP) with music remote control (AVRCP) as well as the headset/handsfree profile. And a cool thing is that it will pair to two devices at the same time (phone and laptop for example). It includes an OLED display for status and callerId (numbers only though). And best of all it doesn't look like a completely lame loser beacon with flashing blue LEDs all over it. I have yet to use it in the field, but so far an hour out of the box paired it up and listened to music with my Laptop, UMPC, and Pocket PC. I've also made calls via a cell phone and skype. I'll report more after I get some hours on it. Too bad no one makes a really cool portable media player that supports bluetooth headphones. (Hello, Steve, are you paying attention??)

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ZOverLord, September 7, 2007 07:03 AM:

MyToGo for Skype allows ANY Phone to gain access to Skype calling services, this includes calling Skype Names for FREE, checking Skype Voice Mail for FREE as well as using Skype rates for both local and long distance calling, and does not require any software to be installed on the phone. MyToGo for Skype is FREE as well, for more information please go here:

John, September 7, 2007 11:17 AM:


I seem to be bumping into your comments / ads about MyToGo for Skype all over the place lately (we must visit the same sites. You seem to be posting in ZOverDrive.

In regards to MyToGo for Skype. I'm not sure it really helps all my scenarios. For one, you have to buy SkypePro and SkypeIn in order to take full advantage of it. Also using it is not necessarily 'free'. If I use it from my Cell phone I of course chew up minutes which is something I'm working hard to avoid. Not to dis the product but I'm already getting most the skype benefits I need already with the combination of a 30.00 skype gateway connected to my home phone and the use of

John, September 7, 2007 01:28 PM:

So far I've been listening to tunes (from the laptop) for a few hours on them with no problem. I have also taken two cell phone calls. Everything is sounding good and working perfectly. The switch over from music to phone was seamless.

Oh and I discovered another killer use for this device. Since my car stereo has an audio in jack... Now I have a bluetooth car adapter! The device easily clips to my vent giving me wireless music / audio books from my pocket PC as well as hands free phone calls. Both of the music players I use on the PocketPc (MortPlayer and PocketPlayer support bluetooth play controls so I can play/pause, next/prev track direct from the clippy. No need to un-holster the PDA.

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