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Xbox Black


March 27, 2007 10:10 PM PST

So, the updated Xbox is here. New specs:

The obvious issues:

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John, March 27, 2007 10:30 PM:

I retracted my post, even though I technically beat Paul by 2 mintues. Anyway...

Joystiqs coverage.

Pretty much what the rumors said, except it is not going to be a limited edition. Comes out April 29th for those too lazy to read the link. The 120G HD will be sold separately as well. Although I don't see any mention of a lower power processor or a hard-drive transfer cable, it doesn't mean they are not there, just no mention. It could be that the transfer cable only comes with the standalone HD?

I did see mention of 1080p. The current 360 can already do that.

J, March 28, 2007 01:14 AM:

Hmmm, this is disappointing. I was really hoping for the quieter, cooler hardware. HDMI was #1 on the list (since I first learned that it wasn't going to be included on the original), but the cooler hardware is a big deal for a set top box. I can see no built in HD-DVD, since the cost is still high for that.

A lot of people want built in Wi-Fi, but I have wired ethernet, and you can get a Wi-Fi router for $10 and run it in network bridge mode to connect a lot more than just the XBox to your network. Still, they should have included it for the premium they're charging.

Looks like I'll continue waiting, perhaps for them to push a new rev Mobo with 65nm and HDMI down to the 20GB model.

I liked this comment on Engadget:
"$479 Xbox 360 Elite +$199 HD DVD drive at Best Buy $679??? How is this cheaper than a 60gb PS3 w/BRD @ $599?"

Paul, March 28, 2007 09:15 AM:

But while you're waiting, we're having a lot of fun with GRAW and Gears...

John, March 28, 2007 12:14 PM:

Wireless won't stream HD very well.
HD drive in the box?? Nope, the current gen units cost too much. Especially the laptop form factor ones, which is what you would need for that.

I suppose they will do a quiet rev on the 65nm chips. So even once they are found in the wild it will be hit or miss as to if you get one.

HDMI in the cheaper model? I don't think it will happen.

Gavin, March 28, 2007 03:09 PM:

More restrictions.
I'm not sure how many people have more than one 20GB drive though (except of course for Sniffy).

J, March 28, 2007 09:35 PM:

Why not HDMI in the cheaper models? It's just a connector. They're probably doing more work to convert it to analog component than to just HDMI the digital output. HDMI means 1080p. You shouldn't be making high def stuff without this interface.

I think a $5 wireless-G module built in would be reasonable for most users. It would be fine for gaming and downloading HD movies which is what most people do.

Paul's right - I'm discounting the gaming potential of the box. I was just comparing it to the others, and the gaming hasn't changed.

J, August 9, 2007 10:56 AM:

Premium XBox 360 now comes with HDMI. Finally, a feature they should have had since product rollout! I am now tempted... They dropped the price to $350 - now we just need the 65nm chips...

John, August 9, 2007 09:27 PM:

Need is such a strong word. I'd say you want them, not need them. What is the #1 driving reason for waiting for those chips? Heat? Fan noise? Are either really a problem?

J, August 9, 2007 10:44 PM:

$need65nm = "30 percent failure rate";

John, August 10, 2007 12:55 AM:

I have it from a good source that the graphics chip is a bit more to blame than the processor, but yeah it would be nice if they didn't break after 1 year.

FredB, August 13, 2007 10:13 AM:

The graphics chip? You mean that part which was by Nvidia but wouldn't discount enough for MS, so they replaced it with an ATI? And then they wrote software to emulate the Nvidia. And then they offered a much longer warranty to cover high failure rates. Hmmm, still think switching graphics chips was a good idea?

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