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Oh, come on


February 9, 2007 08:13 PM PST

Virtualization Illegal?
Specifically Parallels, won't release a version that can run OSX under virtualization because they don't want their users to do anything illegal, or to open them up to legal issues. VMWare is wrestling with the same moral issue. Apparently Apple's ELUA specifically forbids virtualization.

I was just talking about this very thing yesterday. I know Apple is worried about running OSX on non Apple, hardware, but why not just work with them to make sure it doesn't? How cool (or ironic depending on your point of view) would it be to run OSX in a VM under Windows on Mac hardware? In fact I think if Parallels could work it so that they can virtualize either way while accessing your native partition, it would be good for their business and Apples.

Oh and if you want a laugh, read the last couple of sentences of that article where they speculate if it is even technically possible to run OSX under virtualization. Are they serious? Just search a few torrent sites guys, people have been running it under VMWare on non Apple hardware since the first Intel developer version came out! I guess I expect too much from ARS.

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John, February 11, 2007 03:10 PM:

Ok Microsoft also put limitations Virtualization in their ELUA. It is forbidden for Vista home and premium, and only allowed with Ultimate -if you agree not to access anything with rights management on it or encryption. After telling you that you are not allowed to do it, the follow up with "We advise against... (doing it)." That second statement seems like a threat to me. Very odd.
Hmm, why wouldn't they want you to run DRM under virtualization? Hmmm.

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