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January 7, 2007 08:37 AM PST

Well the blog has been a bit dead for a while now. I started several posts over the last few weeks but never finished any of them. I have been a bit distracted lately with the holidays and pre-holiday weather nonsense (floods, wind storms, snow, 7 days without power). But that is no excuse. Here is a random rant just to prove the blog is not dead.

Paul Thurrott finished his big Vista review. He has been in love it / hate it mode for so long now that frankly I lost interest. One side effect of the amount of time he has spent writing it is that it is not consistent at all. There are still a bunch of complaints in it, although he has sanitized most of them out now. Even after all the whining over the last year, he gives it 4 out of 5. I'm purposely not linking to his site here as I don't feel I need to help his page rank out. I reacted strongly to one minor side comment however. In his continued rant about Aero's glass effect making it hard to tell which window is in the forground (i.e. active) he offers this suggestion:

"Instead of the subtle differences between the foreground window and other windows as in today's Aero, Vista should instead dim or fade the other windows, making it far more obvious which windows are in front. Windows that are further back could be dimmed more, giving the desktop an interesting 3D perspective."

Umm, no! Lets think for a moment why that would be a bad idea. It is basically taking the point that people only care about the active window, all other windows should effectively be grayed, and un-readable out to avoid distraction. Geez, does he do anything with his computer besides work on his 5 year old review? As for me I have invested in high res displays and multiple monitors over the years exactly so I could see more than one app at a time - not just the active one. He might as well just run all his apps full screen, sheesh.

That reminds me that I'm still working on my theory to explain the differences between multi-monitor users and non multi-monitor users. Maybe I need to factor in another group - full screen only users. But that is a story for another post.

Comments (4)
Paul, January 7, 2007 11:47 AM:

Thurrott is up there with Cringely and Scoble, in terms of sheer uselessness of the nonsense they write and their willful misinterpretation of facts.

John, January 7, 2007 05:45 PM:

Well he claims he has been writing about Vista / Longhorn for 5 years. What is he going to do now that it is out?

J, January 7, 2007 09:02 PM:

Good point about the foreground window. It doesn't really make sense that you would think that there would just be one active application. I assume that if a window is completely covering another, you can tell which one will get the click, so what is he talking about? I haven't used Aero yet, but it seems like transparent windows are a gimmick anyway. You can set some of the windows on the Mac to be transparent, and it isn't really that useful unless you're monitoring a whole bunch of console sessions with no other means of notifying you of their status change.

John, January 8, 2007 09:54 AM:

Well it isn't the whole window that is transparent just the title bar mostly. He claims that makes it a bit hard to tell which one is active. I never had a problem with it. Also I'm using XP with the Silver theme and the difference between active and background is not that all the different either.

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