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New Pocket Player

Mobile Tech

May 21, 2006 12:16 PM PST

ppc_normal.pngOne side effect of completly draining your Pocket PC's battery is that you 'get' to re-install all of your 3d-party software. I have spent most of the last week building a list of what I lost, digging around for registration codes and downloading updated copies of all my favorite mobile apps. When I went looking for the latest version of Pocket Player I was surprised by by the new look.

As many of you already know I keep most of my mobile media on a 4G microdrive (yuck!). As a consequence I canít just get by with the built in media player since it is not smart enough to buffer my music into ram so that the HD can spin down. Iíve been using Conduitís Pocket Player for a couple of years now. Sure I could use 'The Core Pocket Media Player' (TCPMP)for my music, but Pocket Player just has more polish. It supports visualizations, playlists, plug-ins and more. It will even work with my BT headphone buttons.

The new version has a completely new look, a pod cast feature, a new library and new media browsing mode. As usual the upgrade is free to registered users. The new interface gives more screen real-estate to your now playing list and minimizes the eq. Itís not bad. The new browsing mode allows you to navigate through your library using the d-pad. This lets the player behave more like a standalone mp3 player and allows you to navigate your tunes without the stylus.

My install was not without problems however. I did an upgrade over a previous folder that had managed to survive the PPC crash because it was in flash. After install I found that the program took about 3 minutes on average to start. Clearly something was wrong. After a trip to Conduitís support forum I discovered I was wasnít the only one seeing this behavior. After some experimentation it seems that the trouble is related to a conflict with some files left over from some older version. I uninstalled, wiped the folder and re-installed clean. That fixed the problem, it starts up pretty quick now.

All in all Iím pretty pleased. It is working well with my BT headphones (after fighting with the drivers and BT pairing for a couple hours Ė but that is another story.) Now on to restoring the next item on my list.

Comments (2)
Paul, May 21, 2006 10:29 PM:

Which CHM reader are you using? Are you running Windows Mobile 5 yet? I've got the CD from Dell, but I haven't upgraded yet.

john, May 22, 2006 01:36 AM:

I have been using CHMReader.Net. As for Mobile 5, I Chickened out. It is 50.00 upgrade for me, and after Some research I decided it was not going to bring me enough. they have redone the memory management So that everything gets put in flash. No more losing all Your Stuff when the battery goes dead. the down Side is flat there is a large performance hit. You should Search the forums and See how people have liked it be fire you do the upgrade.

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