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March 6, 2006 04:36 PM PST

Since it seems to be the buzz around the nets lately I'll jump on the bandwagon as well. Ok I don't have any insider information here. In fact I won't even try to summarize the current rumors. We'll find out what it is eventually anyway. Instead I'll just engage in thought exercise on what kind of device I might want and be willing to buy.

Form factor: Small Tablet PC
Size: something slightly smaller than a steno book, maybe 5" x 8". (With nearly edge to edge screen)
Resolution at least XGA, but WXGA would be good if it had a wide aspect ratio.
Thickness: " max.
Weight: 1lb.
Touch screen: touch sensitive as well as magnetic (maybe you can turn off the touch capability when you don't need it)
Processor: something around a 1.5Mhz equiv.
OS: Full XP Pro tablet.
HD: 60g
USB 2.0
headphone jack
Built in speaker.
Battery life: Up to 5 hours. (removable battery)
Built in side out thumb keyboard.

Connectivity via dock:
Audio line out (optical preferable)
Additional USB

Optional accessory:
Snap on folding keyboard to allow the unit to be used like a sub notebook on a flat surface.

Price: < 800.00

Comments (11)
Paul, March 6, 2006 05:59 PM:

I hope it's faster than 1.5 MHz...

George, March 6, 2006 11:23 PM:

No camera? How about a SD slot?

John, March 7, 2006 08:42 AM:

I think 1.5 is the lower limit for a device like that. You won't be trying to do anything real 'heavy' with one.
Camera and SD, Sure add those to the list.

Paul, March 7, 2006 11:17 AM:

I was hoping for something in the GHz range... ;)

John, March 7, 2006 11:23 AM:

Hmm, that's pretty funny. Doooh! Units of scale kinda make a difference. I could edit the entry and correct it I guess, but re-writing history feels kinda 1984 to me at the moment. I will just live with the shame of my mistake.

J, March 9, 2006 05:35 AM:

BTW, this announcement ended up being a big dud. Just like the TiVo and Apple announcements last week. I think PR people are forgetting that too much hype can be a bad thing.

John, March 9, 2006 09:59 AM:

Here are some articles on the new Ultra-Mobile PC devices. ARS. Engadget.
Note that the category is not new, but now MS and Intel have officially joined in with their support. These devices are going to be bigger than the OQO but also cheaper. It will be interesting to see how they play out. Of course just as with the portable media center devices, these things are ugly. What I really want to see is that slick prototype that Intel shows in their video.

Paul, March 9, 2006 03:28 PM:

Well, as a start it isn't too bad. I image these things are kind of like the second generation Windows CE devices (the first iPaqs were 3rd gen): cool idea but a little too limited.

They are a little bulky looking, but screen size is reasonable for watching a video (better than iPod or PSP). Of course, if you've got room to bring the origami, you probably have room for a full laptop.

For me, "mobile" means you can put it in a pocket, which means that even some of today's PDAs aren't that mobile. The way I think of it is, "would I carry it with me if I were going to go hang out at a cafe in the summer or go walking around?" i.e. no large jacket pockets or bags. I'll already be carrying my keys, wallet and cell phone...

John, March 9, 2006 04:18 PM:

The word 'mobile' is subjective I guess. To me mobile is something you can clip to your belt. These are too big for that for sure. But they are not a bad size to haul around to take notes on etc. The appeal for me is that although I really like my PocketPCs, I get frustrated that I can't run 'full' versions of apps. To do that screen size and res become and issue of course.

Check out this 'small' tablet from Motion Computing. Ignoring the price, this is this pretty close to what I might want in a mini-tablet.

Paul, March 9, 2006 09:34 PM:

Dude, you can't pick up chicks with a tricorder clipped to your belt! You might as well put on the little fake Spock ears.

John, March 10, 2006 09:01 AM:

I can't remove them, they have been surgically attatched.

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