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Hey, wanna try some iTunes?


October 26, 2005 09:12 PM PST

That crazy Apple is always trying to trick you into installing iTunes. It reminds me of those car salesmen who are always pushing the undercoating. Uhhh, I just dont want it, ok?

Last week I installed the new QuickTime because I wanted to view an H264 clip. I tip toed around all the sharp jagged rocks and found the link to install it without the bundled ITunes. I thought I was safe. Now when I start QuickTime I get this start page with ads, music links and trailers and stuff. It reminds me of that annoying MSN start page that messenger defaults to yuck. Anyway I digress. So today I bring it up and I click on a trailer for a movie Im interested in and instead of the movie a web page pops up that reads in large print:

You Need iTunes.
The link you just clicked requires the free iTues jukebox software.

And then it happily offers to install it for me.

I dont even want ITunes, and I certainly dont NEED it. Nothing against it, Im just happy with my current long distance carrier, err, music solution, thank you very much. I dont want yet another app competing for ownership of my media file associations gosh! Besides why would I need iTunes to play a QuickTime movie trailer? They even said requires not just we recommend. Even as aggravated as this makes me, I still want to see the trailer. So I head over to and click on the one I want and wouldnt you know it, it plays just fine in plain ole QuickTime. No iTunes required. Shame on you Apple for trying to trick us.

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Paul, October 26, 2005 10:20 PM:

Also, when you rip CDs using iTunes, it inserts a "Ripped by iTunes 6.0.27" comment in the ID3v2 field. No big deal, except that when you do a view info on the file in iTunes, it doesn't show you that so you can't remove it. You have to open the song in winamp to see that field and remove it! Evil?

Another problem is that Apple now forces a QuickTime upgrade when you get the new iTunes (the vice versa of what John is complaining about). Since I have a paid version of QuickTime 6 installed and the latest version of QuickTime is 7, I have to pay again! So, no iTunes upgrade for me. At some point, Apple will probably not let older iTunes users buy stuff from the Music Store. Alas.

Despite that, I still find that iTunes is the best music player for my needs.

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