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J Allard's Real Name


June 2, 2005 03:12 PM PST

Letter J BlingYes! I remain the only true "Just J" name from birth that I know of:

Having successfully launched Xbox Live in November, with its real-time online gaming, J Allard (CAS’91) — known as James back in his college days — was recently named vice president for Xbox.

I just feel this was important research, with the recent Time cover article claiming "Yes, his name really is just 'J'." I don't think so.

Comments (9)

Paul, June 2, 2005 03:39 PM:

It was also in the book How The Web Was Won, which I just happened to be reading earlier this week.

John, June 3, 2005 03:11 PM:

Come on, fess up. We know your real name is 'Junior'.

Paul, June 3, 2005 05:42 PM:

Or JoJo.

JaC_Que, January 25, 2006 03:55 PM:

My name

jeovanny coreas, February 14, 2006 06:29 AM:

i want a necles of a j

jade, February 22, 2006 10:24 AM:

i love that necklace!!

jella, February 25, 2006 12:39 PM:

its a really cool necless

Jolanda, April 11, 2006 07:32 AM:

Or the Jolanda

but i have this letter as neckless and on my phone..

jasmine, February 24, 2007 05:39 PM:

this is mi name

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