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June 1, 2005 08:18 PM PST

So does anyone have some details on this new 'mobile wifi'? The buzz on the geek sites has just started to pick up. Some are talking about creating a car version of Itunes music sharing ala rendezvous or what ever they call it now.

I think that there is a lot of promise to making cars 'roaming' nodes in a mesh network. I think it is a logical way to extend wifi clouds - especially in cities. Imagine a city drops just a handful of access points around and suddenly you have full coverage. I could walk anywhere and my pocketPC would hop a few cars to get to the nearest access point. I'm not so worried about what the 'killer app' is for this technology, music, traffic info etc. Just enable Internet access and let the rest sort it self out.

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Wheelson, June 2, 2005 11:35 AM:

A light but good overview of all the Wi-Fi "Number Entries"

An article that has many exerpts from a paper by ABI Research (an ABI analyst was quoted in the Wired article) I found in, hold on your hats, TollRoad News. That's right, it's a site all about Toll Roads. The ABI Research paper costs money so being able to read about it here was cool.

While talk of this may be heating up, the ABI paper is just about a year old.

One interesting note from the ABI quotes is that the main drivers will be the Department of Transportation and Law Enforcement. If your card is part of a public network managed by the Department of Public Transportation and hooked into by law enforcement, say good bye to taffic cops. In theory they'd be able to calculate your speed now souldn't they? Hell, they'd be able to email you your speeding ticket to your car's heads up display as you are still speeding.

Also, although it doesn't say it, 802.20 implies that 802.11p is meant for cars traveling at slower speeds within a city, such as most law enforcement vehicles do or when a vehicle is near a toll booth. Reading about 802.20 sounds pretty sweet.

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