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What are video games turning us into?


February 22, 2005 01:52 PM PST

I bumped into an interesting article on the increase of video gaming in our culture at Its a good read, pretty balanced on the subject. Of course like every article on gaming it makes at least one reference to GTA. I really like the comparison of 'gaming night' to what used to be 'poker night'. Kinda hits home.

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J, February 22, 2005 07:41 PM:

That dude's desk is clean. It looks like mine. I actually used to have that same Antec tower case (in black) and it is LOUD - what's he doing with it up on the desk, next to the tiny monitor? Any finally - why does he have one of those paper tape calculators next to his freaking computer?

That article is pretty balanced. At least when considering GTA, he says it's a hot button issue. I think like anything, a balance of video games, and real life experience and consequenses is fine. He mentioned the empowerment of people in being able to control their environments would make them more prone to rebellion, even at work. Interesting observation. I also really liked the quote "Why am I sitting here and not able to do anything to this screen?"

I remember reading a great article in wired 10 years or so ago about why WebTV was a bad idea. It hinged around the fact that people would just be consumers, not producers of information, and the Web would fall into the type of highly controlled environment we see with TV. The interesting thing is that you now see "the masses" on the Internet more interested in ever in producing content. This past year has felt more like the original Web days before the .com, when everyone had a "home page".

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