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January 11, 2005 10:03 AM PST

Most of you are aware of my love / hate relationship with Netflix. I was an early adopter of this service and excluding the 6 month period where we were broken up and were 'seeing other people', my experience has been overwhelmingly positive. Lately I've been really amazed at the trend to release old TV shows on DVD.

My wife and I, in a moment of reflection, will have a conversaion something like this: "hey remember that old series 'x'? Yeah I loved that as a kid, I wonder if netflix has it?" And sure enough they do. I'm currently enjoying introducing (tormenting?) my kids with old favorites like Giligan's Island, The Greatest American Hero, Mork and Mindy and Wonderwoman.

Here is a short list of old fav's that netflix just happens to have at least some of:
The Incredible Hulk
Land of the lost
Lost in space
Happy days
Laverne and Shirley
H.R. Pufnstuf
Space 1999
Charlie's Angels
The Brady bunch
The Munsters

Like many internet businesses, Netflix had created a new market where there at least 'some' demand for almost anything. This is in stark contrast to the traditional market of popular 'hits'. The truth is a physical store just doesn't have the room to stock anything but the most popular titles.

Comments (15)
Paul, January 11, 2005 02:40 PM:

LAND OF THE LOST!!! That's going in my queue right now!

Do you remember that show that was on Saturday mornings, after cartoons? It was set in a post-apocalypse desert and they drove around in a big white van (with spinning radar on the roof) and the back of the van opened up like a ramp and a small buggy/car came out the back? This wasn't a cartoon. The van had a really sharp "futuristic" nose section.

John, January 11, 2005 03:15 PM:

I was wondering about this show too a while back. I thought it was a Kroft Brothers show, but maybe not. I think it was called "Ark II". Had a talking chimp and cool jet packs. Here is a link:

This one is too obscure for Netflix now, but give it time.

John, January 11, 2005 03:23 PM:

Looking for some more lost memories? Here are some more I remember:
Bigfoot and Wildboy
Far Out Space Nuts
Lost Saucer
Monster Squad
Space Academy

It looks like is down, used to be fun. Try this site for more:

Paul, January 11, 2005 03:56 PM:

Ark II is it!! My quest, at long last, is over. Now I shall rest.

PS: Remember that show where they flew a garbage collecting spaceship?

John, January 11, 2005 05:57 PM:

Salvage One.

Paul, January 11, 2005 08:17 PM:

Your Retro-Foo is strong, young grasshopper.

Wheelson, January 13, 2005 11:17 PM:

No WAY! This is super awesome news. I rented the pilot Night Rider DVD about a month ago because when I was a kid I missed it and never got to see it. It lost quite a bit of coolness over the years though. Land of the Lost though...awesome.

Paul, January 14, 2005 11:00 PM:

After Night Rider, you should rent AirWolf.

J, January 15, 2005 01:29 PM:

Airwolf was ridiculous - it's a helicopter that can go mach-2 without getting the rotors ripped off! I'll take blue thunder over airhawk any day. Ha ha ha.

Paul, January 15, 2005 01:57 PM:

It's amazing just how many problems you can solve with big guns, a fast chopper and a cheesy theme song.

Wheelson, January 15, 2005 10:31 PM:

Oh the day the AirWolf theme song streams through my apartment will be a glorious one. Greatest American Hero? Yup.

As cool as this is, Netflix is ruining things for kids today. When I was a kid I was forced to watch reruns of "Leave it to Beaver", "The Brady Bunch" and stuff like that because those were shows being re-run. Right when it was time for shows like AirWolf to fill daytime TV slots, something happened. Maybe it was cable, but re-runs stopped being cool. So, where the Baby Boomers got their jollies showing reruns of their favorite shows to us, kids today may never know who Mr. T is.

Paul, January 15, 2005 11:47 PM:

But now, you can have "Theme Weekends": 48 episodes of The A-Team or MacGyver. Oh, the humanity.

Anyways, why can't I just download the stuff instead of waiting for the mail?

Scott, July 12, 2005 09:13 PM:

RE:The garbage collecting spaceship...looking for the name of the show as well...

Wasnt Salvage 1 the junkman had a dream one....based off of earth

The one I want is where the garbage scow is in space collecting trash....this one was always in space....

John, July 12, 2005 11:22 PM:

Oh 'that' show. Geeez I had to dust the cob webs off that corner of my mind. That ill-fated show was called 'Quark'. It aired in 1978 and lasted about 8 episodes. The had a half man half woman, a plant guy an android (of course) and a couple of clones. I don't think we will be seeing this on netflix anytime soon - although I hear that comedy central ran it once awhile back. Here are some links to jog your memory, but not much in the way of screen shots (pre-VCR).

television city

Paul, July 13, 2005 12:03 AM:

Admit it: you've been waiting all these years for someone to ask you this stuff!

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