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Secure Digital + USB2 Card

Cool Tech

January 6, 2005 07:06 PM PST

Lots of new announcements from CES this week, but this one from SanDisk is so simple and useful. I can't believe how small memory components are getting. You can use this SD card in your camera, and then just take it to any computer and plug it into the USB port to back up the data, or share pictures. This would come in so handy when traveling and visiting friends who want copies of photos, or offloading a full card in a net cafe and burning them to CD. I'm all for getting rid of those 7-in-1 flash card readers!
Here's a review with more pictures.

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Johnn, January 7, 2005 10:31 AM:

This is seriously clever. This looks like a trend. I saw a similar device from another manufacture reviewed a couple weeks ago. It didn't have the hinged cover though. I hope that this doesn't add alot to the cost. I also hope that they are available in large capacities soon. Its pretty funny that I just bought a SD USB thumb reader just so I could do this exact thing.

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