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January 2, 2005 04:07 AM PST

On Friday, I went for a walk around Union Square in San Francisco, which is 4 blocks from where I live, to get some fresh air and lunch despite the rain. I lived in Seattle for 3.5 years and never had an umbrella; it rains for 2 days in California and I buy the first umbrella I find. Anyways, I ended up buying the following things:

Comments (2)
J, January 2, 2005 10:55 PM:

All cool stuff. I definitely will check out Ghost 2 from Netflix. It passed me by in the theatres. You may also want to check out the 4 disc Stand Alone Complex series, I've heard it's good. I also plan on seeing Life Aquatic and playing Mech 2. Come to think of it, we're probably also due for some masala up here at Savoy, now that Flem is back! Ahh, nerd culture.

John, January 3, 2005 01:50 AM:

Nice. Sometimes you need to spend a little money. You covered most of the bases, games, DVDs, movies, books and food. Seems all you are missing is hardware. Might I recommend a new pocket PC?

mmm, Chicken Tikka Masala, ther is something I could really go for about now.

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