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December 23, 2004 06:46 PM PST

Yeah I know there are a zillion notepad replacements, but I've really found this one handly lately: Notepad2. It is lightweight, does color syntax highlighting for many formats including xml, has regular expressions, bookmarks and a bunch of other cool stuff. And yes Paul, it remembers its window position and size between runs.

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Paul, December 23, 2004 10:28 PM:

Seriously, I was very happy that Windows 2000 actually remembered it. I mean, it's like 2 ints in the registry (probably less, since you can pack the screen positions into unsigned shorts). Anyways...

Having been completely emmersed in coding in the linux enviroment for a while now, I've converted over to emacs. I use vi to do quit changes to things, but I'm now an emacs guy. I use it on Windows and Mac for editing text there too, and the reason is that emacs is a small core written in C, and the rest implemented in lisp. This means that you can pretty much extend the editor to do anything you like, there really are no limitations. Assuming of course, that you don't mind learning emacs-lisp (pared down from the full language). But it's actually fun to do.

Writing code on Mac or Windows, I'd definitely use Visual Studio or XCode for the extra graphical niceness though... I miss the sweet debugger windows when figuring things out on linux. I counter this problem by never writing bugs.

J, December 24, 2004 12:59 AM:

My drum to beat in Notepad was fixed in XP: the ability to ctrl-s to save. Ridiculous it took that long to add.

What scares me about syntax coloring is that it is so damn sticky. I consistently have to keep "regular" notepad up just so I can paste text in it, and then copy it back out to paste somewhere else format-free.

The ultimate example of UI idiocy however will live forever with me in Unix FTP. How hard would it have been to let "exit" work? It was already standardized for telnet. The humorous part is that "bye" does work as an alias to "quit" in FTP. Those silly Unix geeks...

Paul, December 24, 2004 01:38 AM:

"Enter any 11 digit prime number to continue."

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