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Bluetake Hi-Phono Hi-Fi Kit.

Home Theater

November 26, 2004 04:18 PM PST

Bluetake Aims to eliminate the wires to your rear channel speakers using Bluetooth. Tom's has a review at:
Bluetak Hi-Phono Kit
Hmm, it looks like this gen 1 product probably not ready for mainstream as it introduces a .1Sec delay due to the A/D conversion process. I think I'll stick to wires for now.

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J, December 27, 2004 09:35 PM:

This is exactly what I need, and in fact was looking for a solution before I left. I've seen some proprietary 2.4ghz digital transmitters from Kenwood and Sony as well. They still don't seem to be mainstream yet, which is surprising given the utility of something like this. For those of us with 5.1 and without an overhead projector, this will be cool. These were around several years ago and worked with infrared, but cheap wireless technology should drop the price quite a bit.

The A to D conversion would be eliminated if the digital channels were taken right off the optical input to the front receiver (of course this would require a matched pair.

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