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Abit tech support.


November 23, 2004 01:00 PM PST

Well Abit tech Support finally got back to me on my MB problem. Wow only 8 days after my email request, and long after I have returned it to new egg. It comes as no surprise that they ask me to try all the things I already told them I tried in my email. The only new bit of info, was that thy Suggested I check out the grounding by starting up the board out side of the case. I'll keep that in mind next time. They suggested that if after I Jump through all these hoops, it still doesn't work, then I should send them my CPU and MB info and they would 'try' and send me a new bios chip. It looks like I made a good call Swapping this for an Asus.

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J, November 24, 2004 01:10 AM:

I think they just treat these things as disposable. Doubt Asus would do anything faster. Their cost for a board is probably less than managing the email and actually spending a half hour to read and respond properly. I remember using ABIT in the old Celeron 300A days. Just change a menu setting int the bios and you were running at 450mhz.

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