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A small succes with Linux

Cool Tech

February 29, 2004 05:47 PM PST

I've manged to get UT2004 demo running under Linux. I knew this would take a bit of work, and I was right. Good news it that I managed to get it working in only 1 hour. Still too hard for the average Joe I'm afraid. Lets recap the steps:

1. Download UT2004 demo for Linux
2. chmod the install file to make it runable.
3. Install as root.
4. Hmmm won't run, complains about Xfree-dri or some such thing.
5. Use Synapic to update all XFree files.
6. Reboot.
7. Still won't work.
8. Read the forums abit about drivers and such.
9. Download Latest Nividia Linux drivers.
10.chmod the driver files.
11. Attempt to install as root.
12. File says you can't install while X is running.
13. Switch to command mode login and try to kill X. (Doesn't work.)
14. Edit inittab as root, set run level to 3.
15. Reboot
16. Log in, Run Driver install.
17. Edit XF86Config file to use new driver, and to change some module settings.
18. Set inittab back to run level 5.
19. Reboot.
20. Log in and run the game by typing ut2004demo from a shell.

Yeah. Only 20 steps. Next step: ghost the drive again so I don't lose the magic.

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