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Break over


March 23, 2004 09:21 PM PST

Well I've been away from the blog for awhile. I've been very, very busy and just as I started to wind down and get some free time my copy of UT 2004 showed up in the mail just in time for the weekend. Man is this game fun. I'm playing with 3d EAX sound for the first time, and reasonable graphics settings on my Geforce 4 ti4200. It plays ok but it is pushing the limits of my PC. I just ordered up a new Athlon processor to give me a bit more kick. I hope that by maxing out this motherboard (2400+) it will allow me to hold out until HL2 is out. Then I am planning to do the big upgrade to an Athlon 64 and a high end Vid card. I'm pretty excited about the AMD 64, and apparently so is the gaming community. I only wish Nvidia would pull their head out. It currently looks like I'll be buying ATI again, bummer I still have a grudge against them.

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