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Time for Toys?


November 4, 2004 12:22 PM PST

I put of the new box decision for a while, but its come back to the front of my brain. When HL2 releases I think I will finally be pushed over the edge. Here are my current decisions on the issues posed last time.

Form factor: As much as I think an SFF box would be cool, it is still less hassle to go with a nice mini-tower case. So I'm back on ATX - this means more up to date features. I'm going to try and get a nice anodized aluminum case though, I'm really tired of beige and black plastic.

Chipset: K8T800 Pro. Good ratings, and good compatibility.

Socket: 939. Since I'm going full size, no point in skimping here. This gets me sweet dual channel DDR.

Graphics slot: AGP I guess. Although the PCI Express versions of the athlon boards are probably less than 1 month away now.

Graphics card: Since I'll go AGP, the 6600's are out of the question. This is a really tough issue. To be able to drive my 20" monitor right I really can't skimp here. Plus having 256M would push the games over the top. This means a 6800Gt as minimum probably. Also I want dual DVI for future proofing. This pushes the cost above 410.00 however. More then I've every paid for a GPU.

So the current motherboard choice would be an Abit AV8. Nice features, ratings and price. However the AX8 will be out soon and it has PCI express. I've had some good advise lately though reminding my how much fun I've had with rev 1.0 products. So I conceed to go AGP for now.

So will I finally push the button? Only time will tell.

As for other toys, I'm still keeping an eye out for a new VGA pocketPc. The Asus a730w has caught my eye, but it is not yet released. So I'll wait on that front for now.

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