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Top 5 - Software I Wish I Could Uninstall


January 6, 2004 11:48 AM PST

This is a list of software that is required for functioning in the computer age, despite long standing problems and because of a lack of better solutions.

Adobe Acrobat Ok, it's nice to have WYSIWYG again, and PDF beats the heck out of PostScript. But, why does AcroRd32 sit in memory taking 3 megs of Ram, even when no document is open? I guess Microsoft has an unfair advantage - they can hide their "fast start" DLLs for Office in the general OS usage.
Google Toolbar In WinXP, you can get google searches directly from the address bar. But popup ads are the real reason to use the Google Toobar. I don't mind this software, but it's something that should have been included in IE ages ago.

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