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iPod Mini Toldyaso


January 6, 2004 11:12 AM PST

So, as I predicted, a $100 iPod was way to good to hope for. Apple NEVER does something that does not have a hitch. It is never Insanely Great. Why did so many people think Apple would ever compete on price? Especially after Jobs stated that they have iTunes store to sell more iPods.

While I didn't expect a super cheap iPod, $250 is still pretty high for a player with only 4GB of storage. Where is the freaking competition for these things? How hard could it be? Could the gold miniPod be any more gaudy?

I think this may be a ploy to get people to cough up the additional $50 for a $300 15gb iPod. I would definitely go with the older models after seeing these new minis. Of course that means they've done nothing more to convince me to buy one.

Apple iPod Mini "Due in February" ;-)

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