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Top 6 - Software I Won't Install


January 2, 2004 02:26 PM PST

Here are the top pieces of software I won't install on my computer and why:

Real Audio The last time I installed this product, it took over my winamp file associations, ate a ton of memory and was riddled with ads. The quality isn't great either. Media player isn't perfect, but it works and is part of Windows. Winamp may be its only rival.
Apple Quicktime Last time I installed this, it really hosed up my system, and I had to edit registry entries to get it fully installed to play some movie trailer that was only in the format. Quicktime, as so many other Apple technologies lost it's chance. DivX had it beat to mpeg4 two years earlier.
ATI Drivers Apparently their better now, but primarily because they sucked so much in the past, and NVidia had kick ass drivers. Nvidia has fallen a looong way, and they're about even now, except ATI still uses lame Hydra dual monitor display, while NVidia uses the built in XP method.
Intuit TurboTax Last year this product included DRM called Cedilla. They didn't say it had protection, but it sticks around even after you remove the software. The activation ties it to a single PC, so you are SOL if you get a new computer and need to refer to an older tax return on another machine. Yes, they have apologized and will not do it again, but I'm trying another brand this year.
NetscapeI assume this speaks for itself. Microsoft may have prevented them from making a profit, but the product sucks for standard bureaucratic reasons. IE is definitely the best on windows for speed and memory usage (it's part of Windows remember? = It will work better). Mozilla is a close second with it's tabbed browsing, popup blocker, and myriad plugins.
KazaaFull of ad and spyware. Use KaZaa Lite instead. Interestingly enough, Google was forced to remove search results for "KaZaa Lite" from it's index.

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Paul, November 18, 2007 01:44 AM:

You should revisit this list.

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