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Goals and Disclaimer


January 1, 2004 08:16 PM PST

Ok. The idea here is to set up a little online group to discuss computer technology. My friends and I already read a ton about technology, and already discuss it over email. So why do it in a public forum? Not sure.

Admittedly, my current view of techblogs are that there are a few that are worth reading, and the rest are pedantic displays of hubris. Look at me - I'm a fantastic coder. That doesn't even begin to describe the content on the larger blogspace. Reading the most recent community-wide livejournal posts is bizarre and sad at best, and just plain lame usually.

Oh, I've already gone into an area that should be covered by a disclaimer: things written here will tend to go into rant mode. I am sure to come across as more opinionated here than in person. But there are two sides to every story.

The most interesting aspect of blogging to me is the thought archive. If 16,000 people per hour are spamming out blog entries here, it's got to be at least a biased view of current events and life. I remember reading an article several years ago knocking WebTV - people with it will be only consumers, not producers on the web. In egalitarian fashion, blogging has increased the number and to some degree the social makeup of the producers. Perhaps with advanced search tools and information technology, "future generations" will find something of value. Like this guy's photography.

So as I enter into the blogging world, I am reminded of when everyone put up their own homepage. There were like 6 html tags that people knew, and that was enough. It got complex, and now content management tools like LiveJournal provide templates (and a set of six html tags that you can use in your page!) Might as well be part of the experiment.

<rant number=1>
Here are a list of words that the spell-checker just found in the above text:
online - Come on "America Online" anyone?
techblogs - Ok, maybe it should be tech blogs (except see below!)
doesn - Uh, this is the word "doesn't"
blogspace - I thought this was a word
livejournal - Really? LiveJournal didn't add this?
ve - It's "I've", people.
blogging - Whatever.
blog - Apparently they don't exist. This is a journal.
WebTV - Forgivable. Owned my Microsoft.

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