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November 20, 2004 03:55 AM PST

So J, Flem and I went to the big Google Open house on Thursday. Live band, catered food, fooz, bean bag chairs, ping pong etc. It was like a flash back to the kinds of open houses we all went to in the dot com madness of 2000. There were lots of microsofties there, including Scoble, who blogged about it almost immediately:
I played fooz with Brian Hatch, author of Hacking Linux Exposed:

I got a free tee shirt and a pen, but I didn’t win one of the custom ipods, bummer. Most memorable quote overheard that night: “If it has a GUI, I’m not interested”.

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J, November 21, 2004 04:16 AM:

This gal at the party started talking with me about what I'm working on. She seemed a bit coy about where she was from, so I thought she was a Google recruiter. I was half right. Turns out (after asking her directly) she was a Microsoft recruiter! Pretty shady to be recruiting for Microsoft at a Google event that is obviously for recruiting people away from Microsoft! LOL.

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