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November 10, 2004 10:58 PM PST

PocketPC shipments top Palm for the first time world wide []

I went to the Microsoft Mobility Road Show tonight, on the Silicon Valley MS campus. The emphasis was heavily on .NET development which is a little too immature yet for deploying on the limited resources of Windows CE. It's certainly nice to have a less annoying language than C / C++ to program in... too bad it isn't python.

One of the demos was a SmartPhone consuming a web service based on MapPoint and that was way cool. It doesn't take too much imagination to find a neat business idea built around local information and MapPoint which is an exciting thing! The cool things you can do with a SmartPhone, GPS and web applications...

The good thing about the .NET Compact Framework is that it is being bundled with the devices, and those devices are sold faster than PCs. This means that writing .NET applications (especially web services) for Windows CE devices is going to be viable a whole lot faster than writing them for Windows XP / Longhorn.

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